Research Design

  • Depth Personal Interview with:
    • Tele-depth
    • Face-to-face
    • On-line survey
    • Mystery Shopper
    • Desk Research (Secondary Data Collection)

Sampling Method

  • Random selection of business / individual based on business directory listing
  • Quota selection of business / individual based on project requirements
  • Selection based on client lists

Target Respondents

  • We have abundant experience in talking with the following audiences:
  • C-suite Executives in the top-500 enterprises(including CEO, COO, CFO, CIO or other Function Heads)
  • Professionals (including medical professionals, managers in construction industry, designer, media workers, professionals in tour agency and etc.)
  • Special Publics or Opinion Formers (including University Professors, Spokesmen of NGOs, Government and etc.)

Specialized Industry

  • Telecommunication
  • IT/Management services
  • Travel
  • Medicine
  • Construction
  • Food

To help client better understand the market capacity, competitors' strategies and future development of the whole industry, especially when the client needs to:

  • Take first-time market entry in China
  • Obtain information about industrial products (e.g. chemicals, car lubricant)
  • Examine industrial / trade practices
  • Understand product/service expectation and purchase behavior of institutional/organizational consumers



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